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Defibrillator Fund - Christmas Bingo

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who attended the Christmas bingo on 12th December, which was a huge success, raising £300 for the public defibrillator fund.

Thanks also to the British Legion Club for the loan of the machine, all the local organisations and individuals who helped by donating prizes or on the night, and to Mike Groves for calling for us.

This has now bought the current total for the fund including pledges to £1847.


Yarnton Bell rings anew

After a change of ownership earlier this year, it was discovered that the ship’s bell from HMS Yarnton was missing from the Red Lion pub.   The bell had been given to Yarnton Parish Council in 1985 when the ship was decommissioned, and in turn had been presented into the safe keeping of the Red Lion.  All attempts, including police involvement, failed to recover the missing bell, but Hawthorn Leisure generously provided a replica.  On 3rd December 2014 Fred Jones, Yarnton Parish Council chairman, presented the replacement bell to Georgina Honey licensee of Yarnton’s Red Lion pub.


Public access defibrillator

The Parish Council would like to raise enough money to buy one or more defibrillators to be located within the village for use in an emergency.  Each defibrillator, including the cabinet that it would be housed in, costs approximately £1400.  In the event of somebody having a cardiac arrest, a member of the public would dial 999 and be told where the nearest defibrillator is and the code number needed to gain access to the machine.  These can be used by anybody, as the machine tells you what to do and the operator would stay on the phone to assist you if needed while an emergency vehicle is on its way to you.

At 1st December 2014 we have received money totalling £470 with a further £1000 pledged from village organisations. We would appreciate contributions from residents and village organisations towards the cost.  Donations or pledges can be made either personally at the Parish Council office or by email [email protected]. We would also welcome suggestions of suitable places within the village, and ideas for fundraising. If any individual or group of individuals would like to organise a fundraising event we will do all we can to help with advertising, etc. The Parish Council is organising a quiz on Friday 6th March in the Village Hall.



Yarnton Parish Council


Yarnton Youth Bus

Yarnton Youth Bus is back for 2014/2015

Thanks yet again to Agrivert Ltd., Budgens, Oxfordshire Chill Out Fund and Yarnton PC the bus will visit:

Wednesdays 5.30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

1st October 2014 to 25th March 2015

Find us in Yarnton Park.

The bus provides activities for young people in the age range of 8 – 16 years.

Come and find out what it’s all about and enjoy yourself with your friends.

It’s completely free.