Oxford Airport

The following email has beenreceived from Oxford Airport's Manager: 

I would like to advise you of a on-off movement we are expecting on the 25th April at around midday (subject to confirmation).

As part of a test flight requirement for a new ground proximity warning system, a Boeing 767 from a major charter company will be conducting up to two approaches to the runway in use, breaking off a for a standard missed approach when between 200 - 500 ft .  The approach should be fairly sedate, but the power applied to go around will be louder than our normal operations. Given the size of the aircraft and the space required to manoeuvre, areas may get overflown that normally are not affected by aircraft.

The reason for choosing Oxford airport is the length of runway required to test the new system. The operator requires to test at a large airport's runway - this will be Manchester - then at a runway below 1800m in length, this being Oxford. Once the one or two approaches have been made, the aircraft will return to Manchester. At no point will the aircraft attempt to land. The flight profile is not yet known and we won’t know what runway will be used until the day, although I would expect runway 19.

This is a large aircraft, but  there is no need to be alarmed by the manoeuvres it will undertake when going around; it is perfectly safe and part of normal flight procedures.

The aircraft's activity is no way connected with any future operations of this type; the aircraft is much too large for the airport to handle, given the infrastructure and the fact the runway is too short for it.

I will ensure the airport fire category is at its highest possible level for the event as a precaution; as usual, safety is my prime driver.