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Missing sign - see earlier article below

We have received this from someone who lives close-by, solving the mystery of the missing sign at the end of Frogwelldown Lane.

Unfortunately in July a very old gentleman approached the road  from the Red Lion area quite fast, and instead of heading towards Cassington he took a slight right and smashed straight in to the lane, trees and sign. He was quite badly injured, and we did all we could to help him out of the mangled mess of his car; he had a very badly cut head and we were worried his car might catch on fire. Luckily it did not!
I believe he made a full recovery but did not drive again!!  Needless to say the said 'missing sign post' was mangled around his car and removed along with the car, which incidentally was a right off.
The police cordoned off the whole area and stopped the traffic each way until the injured man was taken away and the recovery truck removed all the mangled mess - as I said, including the sign.
So no mystery just an unfortunate accident!

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