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Community Orchard

We are in the final stages of presenting the Yarnton Community Orchard project. The idea was conceived at Yarnton Parish Council to encourage village residents to help activate and manage the project for present and future generations who live in our village.  It has been a complex journey, including gathering local residents’ opinions, checking potential sites for gas, electricity and water utilities, and the need to gain expert help from an orchard expert to survey the site, plan the planting outline, choice of trees and give advice on apple tree varieties.

The open grassy site opposite the Village Hall, which is divided into three parts demarked by two paths running through the area, has been chosen as most suitable.  Two areas would be used to create the orchard and the third left as an open amenity area.   Up to 35 apple trees can be grown in these two areas and the plan concentrates on heritage apple trees which are local to Oxfordshire and the surrounding shires.  They have been specially chosen for quality eating taste, fresh juicing, cooking and also storage (lates).  They are a mixture of early, mid and late fruiting trees to extend the season.  
The planting plan takes into account the established surrounding trees such as the damson, cherry, oak, whitebeam (which are to be kept), neighbouring gardens and walls, correct pollination, and shade and light levels across the sites.
The table below is the list of trees that have been suggested for this project, along with their origin and whether they are early,mid or late season fruiting.

The Community Orchard is to be an integral part of the village, and we hope it will provide enjoyment and bring villagers together in a variety of ways.  Suggested usages include:

  • ·        
  • ·         Blossom Picnics in April/May
  • ·         Community Harvesting Day in July-November
  • ·         Juicing Day in October/November (Kidlington has an apple press they can loan)
  • ·         Wassail Ceremony in early/mid January
  • ·        

At later dates when the area is more established we also hope to introduce a wooden bench, wildflower areas and bat boxes if appropriate.

Apple trees are different sizes and have slightly different associated costs, so the price of each has been averaged to £30.  The Parish Council is paying for all extras such as stakes, tree shelters, tree wraps, mulch and the professional services for advice and planting plans needed for this project. If you are interested in sponsoring a tree please let us know by contacting Lynne Whitley (Parish Clerk) either by email at  [email protected] or letter (Yarnton Village Hall, The Paddocks, Yarnton, Kidlington, OX5 1TE) with preference of which tree if you have one. Once Lynne has confirmed to you that we still have trees available, payment of £30 will be required.  We already have a list of people who expressed an interest earlier in the year in sponsoring a tree,  who will be given the first choice of trees.  Please note it will be strictly first-come, first-served with the trees as there are no double-ups. If you don't have a preference we will allocate a tree for you. Received advice is that planting can be carried out up until late November, so time is of the essence to ensure everything is organised and the site ready for planting the trees.

Enthusiastic people are needed to form an ‘Orchard Committee’ so if you are willing to give a bit of time, have gardening experience or wildlife knowledge we'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions please contact Fiona Mawson, Yarnton Parish Councillor, tel. 07779 268835, email [email protected]

List of trees available for sponsorship:


Beauty of Bath, Historic Oxon. & UK - Jennifer, Oxon. - Davisdon Seedling, Oxon. - Devonshire Quarranden, Historic Oxon. & UK

Mid Season

Deddington Golden, Oxon. - Eynsham Dumpling, Oxon. - Autumn Pearmain, Historic Oxon. & UK. - Keiling Apple, Bucks. - Peggys Pride, Oxon. - Gloucester Underleaf, Gloucs. - Reinette Rouge Etoile, Historic Oxon. & UK. - Long Reinette, Bucks. - Seargent Peggy, Oxon. - Lord Lambourne (BR), Beds. - Christmas Pearmain, Historic Oxon. & UK. 


Wyken Pippen, Warks. - Monarch, Historic Oxon. & UK. - Kidds Orange Red, New Zealand - Bramley’s Seedling, Historic Oxon. & UK - Hornmead Pearmain, Historic Oxon. & UK - Roundways Magnum - Bonum,Wilts. - Kings Acres Pippin, Historic Oxon. & UK - Amersham Hanger, Bucks. - Blenheim Orange, Oxon. - Oxford Hoard, Oxon. - Oxford Conquest, Oxon. - Eden, Gloucs. - Deddington Pippin, Oxon. - Ashmeads Kernel, Gloucs. - Leathercoat, Historic Oxon. & UK - Corse Hill, Gloucs. - Norfolk Royal Russet, Historic Oxon. & UK - London Pippin, Historic Oxon. & UK - Rosemary Russet, Historic Oxon. & UK - Hambledon Deux Ans, Hants.

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