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Dogs in Yarnton Park 

We have received the following from a Yarnton resident:

I was recently in the park with my two younger children. The park was fairly busy, as it was a nice day. Two young ladies entered the park with some younger children and 2 dogs; the dogs were off the lead and running around, although they were friendly. I don’t mind dogs – I have 2 of my own. I heard several other mums complaining about why some people should be allowed to ignore the rules, so I politely asked the young ladies if they minded putting the dogs on leads. The ladies took offence, and told me that it was a public field and they had a right to bring the dogs in and let them run around. I pointed out that it was actually a play park and there are signs asking you not to bring dogs in. I got accused of being offensive and rude. 

We should all respect rules so that everybody can enjoy and make the most of our village facilities, and I ask parents to teach their children to obey rules and remind them that they should not bring dogs into the play park. 

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