Dog mess and other litter

Could you once again remind people not to let their dogs dump in Frogwelldown Lane in front of our property or leave poo bags for us to pick up and dispose of, which is not very nice to have to do!!
We accept after many many years that we have to pick up cans, cigarette packets, chip wrappers, crisp bags every week and other unsavoury items thrown in the Lane. but dog poo bags really are not nice.
I do wish people in the village would be more considerate of their unwanted rubbish!!! Would they like it if I disposed of my dog poo bags in the front of their homes??  I guess not!


Missing sign - see earlier article below

We have received this from someone who lives close-by, solving the mystery of the missing sign at the end of Frogwelldown Lane.

Unfortunately in July a very old gentleman approached the road  from the Red Lion area quite fast, and instead of heading towards Cassington he took a slight right and smashed straight in to the lane, trees and sign. He was quite badly injured, and we did all we could to help him out of the mangled mess of his car; he had a very badly cut head and we were worried his car might catch on fire. Luckily it did not!
I believe he made a full recovery but did not drive again!!  Needless to say the said 'missing sign post' was mangled around his car and removed along with the car, which incidentally was a right off.
The police cordoned off the whole area and stopped the traffic each way until the injured man was taken away and the recovery truck removed all the mangled mess - as I said, including the sign.
So no mystery just an unfortunate accident!


London Oxford Airport Consultation

As a stakeholder of London Oxford Airport (LOA), we are writing to inform you of a Public Consultation being held by LOA. 

London Oxford Airport intends to invest in new GPS-based arrival procedures and proposes a re-designating of local uncontrolled airspace to controlled airspace, in order to contain and protect these new procedures. 

The re-design will enhance levels of safety on the LOA approach and improve efficiency by reducing the number of broken off approaches.  The new designs will also enable more effective coordination between LOA and RAF Brize Norton traffic.

We have now drafted our proposal for the new procedures and airspace and wish to consult with the local community, local councils and aviation stakeholders to gather the views of those individuals and organisations who may be affected by these proposed changes.

The consultation period will commence on Friday 15 December 2017 and will finish on 22 March 2018.  To see the plans, and find out how you can comment, please visit our webpage at:


Any questions or comments about the proposed changes can be recorded via our website or directed to Osprey Consulting Services Ltd who are managing this process for us.  Please email Osprey using the following address: [email protected]

Mike Sparrow, Airport Manager, London Oxford Airport


Footpaths - signs and access

We have received the following from a village resident:

Has anybody noticed that the footpath sign at the bottom of Frogwelldown lane footpath , where it meets Cassington Road, seems to have gone missing? At one time it was quite prominent. Look for it in summer and it might be covered by bushes but now winter is here, there's still no sign of it .

Is it another attempt to stop people walking around the village?

I have lived in Yarnton for the last 30 years but now signs and access to paths seem to be more difficult to find unless you already know about them.



Our Bus Bartons - new timetable

Our Bus Bartons provides a weekly service on a Tuesday from Middle Barton via Yarnton to Kidlington – see timetable below.  No service on public holidays.  For further information, tel. 01869 699699, or