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Neighbourhood Watch


We are part of the North Oxford Police Area, managed by the Watch Office at Banbury Police Station, Warwick Road, Banbury, Oxon, OX16 7AE on behalf of Thames Valley Police. 

We have 24 volunteer Street Coordinators in over 50% of all the village streets. The Coordinators' purpose is to receive information from the Watch Office and pass that information on to those people in their group to whom it is relevant. The information is wide-ranging, from security advice to criminal activity that residents should be aware of.  We have an annual cycle coding day, usually in January, and can provide ultra-violet pens for property marking. Yarnton Watch will also provide home security advice if requested.

Not all residents are in a watch group as each group needs a Coordinator and they are not that readily forthcoming. There is surprisingly not that much work for a Street Coordinator to do, so if the urge takes you and you want to contribute to a worthwhile community resource, give Fred a ring. Likewise if you want to know your nearest Coordinator.

The monthly Yarnton Village News carries a Neighbourhood Watch article on a regular basis for the benefit of all village residents.

The direct line for the local police is 08458 505505


Fred Jones. 23 Dashwood Avenue, Yarnton, OX5 1NJ. Tel 01865 373871. Email [email protected].