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February 2013 Monthly Update

Crime information

The month of January has seen a spike in burglaries in the Village of Kidlington with 5 reported break-ins. We have also had a couple of garage/shed break-ins, but the good news is that we have caught, arrested and charged 2 offenders. They stole a motor bike and were caught red handed. They will both be attending court in the near future. We have another offender on Police bail for similar offences and whilst investigations continue, he is on an overnight curfew.

Theft of fuel, cable, metal and registration plates are examples of 7 offences committed in the village last month. I will ask that all residents be extra vigilant and to obtain anti-theft screws for their vehicles number plates.  Three people were also arrested for breaking into the Southern Electric plant in Yarnton. They were obviously trying to steal cable of some form but due to the eagle eyed CCTV operators, they were all caught outside. Dog handlers, traffic officers and response officers from Witney and Bicester all had a hand in the arrests. The investigation is ongoing and the gang have been involved in thefts in other areas. My team and I have conducted some high profile operations and have targeted those areas where criminality has been most prevalent.

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)

ASB has seen the High Street in Kidlington become a focal point for us, but not to the extent when the dispersal order was in place 2 years ago. Minor criminal damage has occurred at the back of the Kidlington centre and rowdy behaviour has been reported. Patrols have been directed more in the evenings, but the feedback from businesses is that the problem is not what it was. However, I am monitoring this and will ensure that we do not have a repeat of 2 years ago.

Partnership Activity

Ian Wilkins your local PCSO has been working hard on our PEGASUS program. This is our local community based project, where we make regular visits to our most vulnerable victims of crime. He has made numerous visits and has been giving out soup, coffee and biscuits during the recent cold weather. Local businesses have contributed to this project and I am grateful for their support. We are in the process of making a crime prevention video with youths from the local community using music as the platform. We also got some help from students studying performing arts, and I hope over the next few months, all our crime prevention messages will go out to a wider audience. The Neighbourhood Action group (NAG) has also had its monthly meeting and we were presented with a talk about Smart Water. This crime prevention tool is a successful product in disrupting and catching criminals once thefts have occurred. I will be looking to promote this in the area over the coming year and get people signed up.


All our crime priorities have all been addressed over the past year but our biggest deterrent is prevention. My team and I are periodically giving out anti-theft screws and we are in the middle of organising a Catalytic Converter Marking Day. This will involve marking them and registering them to a database, to try and deter the increase in thefts due to the price offenders can obtain for metal. I am planning some more burglary and drugs dog operations over the next few months along with our partners and the public.

Best wishes

Sgt Colin Travi